Post-Judgment Collection Efforts: Dahlia Guerrero

Growers and labor contractors who ignore wage laws sometimes ignore lawsuits as well.  In those cases, obtaining a judgment is just the beginning of our work.  We must then set out to find the guilty parties and collect on that judgment, partnering with federal law enforcement when necessary.

Dahlia Guerrero is a labor contractor who brought a group of our clients from Mexico to a Georgia farm and failed to pay the minimum wage.  Despite numerous warnings from the court, she neither appeared nor participated in our clients’ lawsuit against her.  When the court granted judgment for our clients, we had no choice but to visit her ranch with the U.S. Marshall, who was prepared to seize her vehicles.  Our visit and a subsequent one resulted in a payment plan with Ms. Guerrero, who has paid $900 towards our clients’ $15,825.99 Judgment, with more payments to come.

Wage laws cannot be avoided — nor can federal judgments.

Read the Complaint from Martinez Garcia v. Maria Perez and Dahlia Guerrero


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